Full Color Printing

Business Cards


Garrison Press offers a variety of different business card printing options! Customize your cards to just about any need. Our high-quality, full-color digital printing press can create a unique, vibrant and very effective marketing tool out of your business cards! We can help you every step of the way, whether it's to proof read your artwork or to have one of our designers help bring your vision to life, we want to create a card that will impress everyone you hand them to!




Letterheads are an important element of any companies identity. A personalized letterhead is crucial for consistent recognition and promotion for your professional name. Every letter you send out will now be important and official, and command the attention of your readers! Instead of just printing on blank, plain print paper, look completely qualified by using an elegantly designed letterhead with your personal information. Letterheads are a very useful for direct mailings, to accompany packages, document cover letters, and many other form of correspondence. Available in full-color printing on one or both sides, and a wide variety of paper textures and thicknesses to choose from. Ask us about creating your letterhead today!




Announce upcoming events, shows, sales, etc. with high-quality flyers. Hang them on a bulletin board or hand them out to to people face-to-face, flyers are are a great way for businesses to promote their services. Flyers can come in just about any size, and are useful for marketing products and services or highlighting venues such as nightclubs, clubs, and parties. They also work great as invitations for special occasions such as weddings, baby showers and birthdays!




Brochures are a must have item to complete any marketing campaign. They are your silent but powerful sales partner, and they get into more prospective hands than any other marketing material. These are the best way to highlight the essentials of your business, and can be as good, if not better, than walking through your front doors! We offer custom folding options that will best fit your design and requirements. Choose one of our many paper stocks for a unique beautiful look.

Need a brochure designed? Our friendly and knowledgable designers can create an elegant and very effective layout to match and prevail your marketing efforts! Already have a design but need help setting up your brochure correctly? No Problem! We'll help you at any step along the way with getting your brochure perfectly polished! Contact us today to get started...


Duplicate Forms


Carbonless or NCR (no carbon required) forms are an essential part of any service business and enable effortless transactions and processing for most business to client or business to business relations. We offer customizable carbonless form printing and have options for full-color and double-sided printing. Most of our carbonless paper is a 20 lb. paper that has the same lightweight and smooth writability as our laser copy paper.

We offer 2, 3 and 4 part sets... 2-Part Set contains a white top sheet, and a yellow form as the copy sheet. 3-Part Set gives you two yellow and a pink copy sheets behind the original document form. 4-Part Set provides three copy sheets to the white top form sheet as yellow, pink, and gold sheets. Keep your records on track with sequential numbering printing. Adding this feature helps distinguish records for data monitoring and record keeping.

Get the form sets glued on one edge so the parts of the forms stay together! A glued edge determines how the set will unfold, we can apply clear glue the top, left, right, or bottom edges of the form sets. Our padding option for NCR keeps all the form copies together for quick reference and tearing out. Combine multiple sets by padding together custom quantity sets in one pad either with a cardboard back or wrap-around cover. Padded with cardboard back uses a chipboard to support several sets glued together. The backing lets you flip through the set and provides support for the entire pad. Booklet With Wrap-around Cover that goes around from the back to the front of the pad. You can also place the cover between sets to prevent marking from separate forms.

NCR forms are a great alternative to the outdated carbon copy invoices with much less mess!